Last reviewed on March 7, 2022

Performance & Speed

All websites are hosted on Google Cloud Platform’s next-generation C2 compute-optimised machines. On top of that, the website is served using Cloudflare’s premium HTTP/3 enabled content delivery network. We don’t stop there, we implement industry standard server-side caching, do asset (JS & CSS) minification and image optimisation.

Moving to WPStudio can improve performance from 40% to 200%, and yes we do understand those big words. We have seen it that is why confident.

SSD Storage

All websites are stored on Solid-state drive (SSD) which is faster than HDD. The SSD can read 10 times and write data 20 times faster.

Performance Monitoring

All websites are monitored for performance that catches and notifies the support team of any issues. The performance monitoring allows identifying code, plugins, and themes that may affect the performance of the website. Our team will debug WordPress issues before you or your visitors know it.

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