Website edits mean we will edit your website when you need them or as needed. We do not have a hard limit on the number of edits. A fair use policy applies and doesn’t include any custom work or developers’ time.

This table provides few examples of what is included in unlimited edits

You provide us the text, media and instructions for a blog post to be published on your website.You want us to write a blog post, find media files such as images and videos and publish it on your website.
The image on your website is misplaced or doesn’t display properlyYou want us to find an image for your website.
You provide us all the required content for product to be added to your store.You want us to write a product description, take pictures of the product and upload it to your webiste
You want us to install and setup a plugin to use its builtin functionalities.You want us to develop or customise a plugin to your needs.
Theme header seems off due to some settings or CSSYou want a new custom designed theme for your website
You want a one-off landing page for a marketing campaign providing us all the content and requirementsYou want us to design a landing page for your campaign, everything inclusive.
You want the footer of your website updated i.e add phone, update contact detailsYou want us to revamp your website
Your website core, plugins and theme needs to updatedYou want us to update a friend’s website.

You get the gist of it. Please note it is not limited to the above examples. When in doubt reach out to support.

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