Why is there a SMTP plugin installed on my website?

For exceptional performance and security, WPStudio manage their own Virtual Private Servers. Meaning, we rent a server from a leading cloud service provider such as Vultr, Amazon, Google, or Digital Ocean, configure it and install your website on it.

Unlike major hosting companies we cannot setup a separate email system. We can setup email via PHP but we do not recommend it as it is very bad. Therefore, we use leading expert in email, mailgun. Mailgun provides all the email services we need and delivery is very high. So you can be rest assured, if there is an email (to your visitor or you) from your website it will be delivered to their email.

Too keep things less complicated, we use SMTP plugins. Depending on your needs, we use one of the two plugins on your website.

Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log

This is a great plugin to help both send and log emails. If you would like to know what emails have been sent via your website this will be a great option. This is a very lightweight plugin and works with most of the common SMTP services. This plugin sends email using API.


Easy WP SMTP is great plugin and works smoothly with mailgun. You can also use free services like Gmail, YahooMail but it is not recommended. This plugin uses username/password authentication which will be provided (or setup).

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